Later on May 3rd..

After getting my moped, I decided to check out the town and find some good cheap local food. It was around 8pm and I was hungry. The streets here are very congested and fast paced. Mopeds out number cars 6 to 1. There are very few or no cops to be scene on the streets and everyone seems to still drive within safe limits. I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it at first but there was only one way to found out.. and so I was off. I had a small map and knew where I wanted to go. After driving around for 45min following other mopeds and hoping they were going the to the same street, I found my destination. Jalan Raya Legian street. More of a boulevard actually. Basically the main strip of Legian and Kuta areas. I found a fun open air restaurant that was owned and operated by some Germans now living in Bali. Mama’s had a mixed menu of German and Indo food. I went for the Satay plate and it really hit the spot…


Not only was the food tasty at a measly 60000 RP or 6.00USD, the German futball tournament was on..


I lasted till 11pm or so and I was wiped! I headed back to my room and got some much needed rest in a real bed. I was happy.

One thought on “Later on May 3rd..

  1. Shirley

    Hey I guess you are really having fun. How cool is that having a nice meal the way you like with a bunch of happy people! 🙂 As I said before…enjoy Dan!


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