And the winner is…….. drum role..

I had to pour a glass of wine for this post. To be clear – I do not consider myself Democrat or Republican. I am a realist and call them as I see them.
Many of you from the US have your opinions already on what you think on both candidates for this upcoming US presidential election. You either think Trump is a babbling buffoon or Clinton is a lying politician married to a cheating spouse. To me this is more like another horrible reality show that is quite on track with the insanity going on in the world today.

For those not living in the USA and whom I have spoken to about this crisis, you have asked me what is going to happen. To be honest, what you hear or read about is of course what you are supposed to. The news in the USA is monitored by the government so anything true at this point is a grey area. It is all perception. This is a great way to test the people and see just how much bullshit people will agree with or not.


Trump has been noted and quoted as changing what he has said publicly about many opinions he has. Some may say – “we all change our minds about things if the circumstance changes”. This is a fact of being human. The main issue is the way in which Trump corrects himself. He takes no time to gather his thoughts and speak as a true president should. He speaks out like an 8-year-old child yelling at his parents. Speaking of children, did you see his latest outburst? If not, you can google it.

The question I get the most is “What in the world are people thinking by voting for Trump”.

The truth is in every election in the US, the polls mean absolutely nothing when it comes down to the bottom line. People may say who they side with now but at the polls they usually vote based on the reality of the next four years. Who will really be better for us?

Republican Mitt Romney even dislikes him.

The reason people are siding with Trump is not because they completely agree with what he says long term. He is speaking his mind at the moment on whatever is happening. Many people do this silently in their head but never speak up in fear that they will be shunned as Trump is being now by the opposition. The main thing to remember is, it is ok to say whatever you are thinking at any given time? It is the same as “window shopping” compared to “testing the merchandise” while in a relationship. Trump on the other hand would say to do both and then just tell your spouse about it if it works out in your favor.

He is saying fuck the rules and make them up as you please. He does not care for anyone and never has. His career speaks volumes of that and so does his own discretions. Trump did not build his empire – it was handed down to him. He never clawed to the top. He will keep the rich rich and the poor even more poor.

Here is just one hilarious interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Trump is the most racist person I have ever heard. There is a full unedited version on youtube. I have also watched that one and it was edited because the interview is very repetitive.


I honestly have lived through the Bill Clinton presidency and besides the Lewinsky scandal and the “Black Hawk Down” attack on Somali warlords which was a failure, I remember the technology boom. Now let’s be realistic – Bill Clinton had little to do with that. The US is more of a conglomerate of corporations rather than a true democratic country. The corporations make the rules for the elected officials whom receive large sums of money from them. Which, as I sit here in Spain typing this I laugh a little. Spain and most countries in Europe are partly socialist so the government controls many aspects of utilities, safety laws, transportation and medical. It’s amazing and almost completely free. Very different from the USA.

Let’s get back to the point – those are events I remember and there are events I never knew about. Does anyone remember the cover-up of the Iran Contra affair drug trade in Nicaragua back in the mid 80’s? Initially Oliver North was caught with aiding the CIA in trading arms to Iran in exchange for US hostages held in Lebanon. the weapons trade was also part of a cash deal to support the Contras in Nicaragua. Congress denied the proposal to help the Contras and so the upstanding and dark State Department and the CIA took matters into their own hands. The CIA had paid drug lords to smuggle cocaine to the USA so they could fund the war of Contras in Nicaragua. This flooded the streets in places such as South Central Los Angeles and New York with more crack than the dealers could move. And if you think about it now, the ethnic people in those areas were labeled as drug users and scum. This racism has never left. I wonder, who is to blame for this?

This scandal came to light in at the same time as the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the media was told to focus on the Lewinsky scandal. I do not believe that Bill had any real idea of the scope of this operation nor do I believe that he would condone it. Not because I like him, that is just my perception. He was a decent president.

Hilary Clinton has no presidential past as of yet. We have seen her in the spotlight for the email scandal and some other oversights, namely the US ambassador that was killed in Benghazi, Libya. I am not going to show any Clinton videos as none are as ludicrous or crazy as Trump videos.

My point is, when people in the US vote for a president, remember that the president is really just the poster child for the machine(USA). They DO NOT make decisions without hundreds of other key politicians and corporate figures. Many secret military and CIA operations go unknown to the president.

How many of you actually think that the country will prosper with Trump in power and how would this ever, ever happen? Already companies are taking down his products – the ones that didn’t close or go bankrupt. Other countries have banned him from entering. How would that affect foreign policy? The US would start to lose any ground that it has now with future friendly allies. He is a self-infatuated, narrow minded, ignorant child with no soul. I myself do not think either candidate is the best in the pool but when I look at reality, Clinton has experience with foreign policy and even though she has made some mistakes, she can learn from those and improve. Do not stone a person unless you yourself have never sinned.


For true happiness, we need to wake up and realize that greed is the true cause behind all of this insanity in the world today. No one is better than anyone else. We all breathe the same air and bleed the same blood. I am tired of being shunned in some countries for having being born in the US. The US is one of the most distrusted countries in the world and also one of the most naturally beautiful. Hhmm. Trump? Will he only get you to be more embarrassed as a civilized country in the world today? A huge possibility.

Without greed, countries would not care to have a foothold in oil rich countries that are underdeveloped. The gun problem in the US is out of control as well. This is a more sensitive subject than abortion or rape in the US. With over 100 million, yes, 100 million guns on the streets in the US, the politicians receive huge amounts of money from gun companies. Greed, greed, greed. The second amendment right DOES NOT ALLOW PEOPLE TO BUY GUNS AND KILL AT RANDOM! This was a right given to the citizens to protect home and family from militias and other dangers to the home front. Not for idiots to take around town. This is not the wild west. The politicians choose money over human life? If they didn’t, the gun laws would mirror those of European and Asian counties. The United States is the number one modernized country with the gun related death rate being just slightly lower than those in South America whom is at the top. European and Asian countries being the very last on the list – ex. Romania and Japan are at the bottom. You basically have to win the lottery to own a gun in Japan. Does that drop your jaw? It should drop your entire head.

The world is not perfect. We all need to go out and try to make a difference. Fear is what holds us back and fear is what keeps the world in a ‘broken record’ state. Imagine if all of the funds spent towards drugs, guns, foreign weapons sales and oil went to medical research, teachers, space exploration, the final global implementation of solar and wind energy. Why do we let this go on? People must stop being complacent and only giving a damn about what happens in their lifetime. Think about your future grandchildren and their children and their friends and even people that you don’t know but are amazing people anyway. Just because we have not met someone on the other side of the world does not make them any less important. Start watching Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown to get some clue as to how the world can be. I have traveled to more than 30 countries and can attest to the truth behind there being incredible people in underdeveloped countries.

Finally, close your eyes and imagine if you were an alien with your family in your space craft on your way to find a new planet to explore. As you were passing by Earth, you scanned the planet, and what did you find? A race that behaves like children. Fighting and bickering on who is better. On who is entitled to more. You also saw good and positivism in some people but it was always overshadowed by greed and death. A planet being sucked of its natural resources when it does not have to be. What would you do?

I would  – Sorry Earth, I am moving on to the next planet – good luck.

The one thing for us all to remember every day is – we are not entitled to ANYTHING. Be kind to people without expecting anything in return, go out and try new things and just enjoy the ride.

We all have it in us. Maybe someday Trump will also realize this, but it doesn’t seem to be today.

Please leave comments if you like. This is not a hater site nor should it be. Just expressive.


  1. Nice post! I happened to be a lifelong Republican, and I feel like someone took my party, jammed it into a giant cannon, and shot it into outer space. I would not vote for Trump if we lived in a one party dictatorship. Thanks for the musings, you’re spot on. I will be following you for additional wisdom in the future. Check out our California wine country blog and follow us if you like what you see.


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