Tip #5 Booking Flights with Multiple Carriers and Bag Fees

Many of us will travel using websites such as Kayak.com and Momondo.com, which bundle different flights on different carriers into one ticket. For example, London to Tokyo may have a flight on Ryanair from London to Istanbul and then a change of planes in Istanbul and fly out on Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Tokyo. The ticket may be the cheapest you find and so that sounds and looks amazing!

BUT, consider now that you have not paid for bags or meals. Just because you booked those flights together in no way means that you will also pay one baggage fee to check a bag. No way. Once you book that ticket online, you receive 2 separate codes, one for each airline. At this point, you will need to pay a bag fee for each airline you fly with. 1 bag fee for Ryanair and another bag fee to Turkish Airlines.

Many times I have heard people say what a great deal they got, and then tell me they paid multiple bag fees because they did not think about the fact that these websites book a separate ticket for each flight, thus, more bag fees. OUCH! Now the price has gone up.

The solution – Do not check a bag OR do not book these together. Find the most direct flight to your destination or even into the country of your destination and then take a train or bus. Trains and buses usually do not charge for bags and you have added another leg to your adventure. This can save you some money off of the air ticket and another bag fee.

I took a flight from Barcelona to Seattle,WA, USA for $145 or 128 euros, and then took a train for $29 to Portland,OR, USA. This saved me a lot of money as Portland did not have many cheap flights to book.

Also, many buses now have USB ports, WiFi, WC (bathroom) and on-board free movies on the back headrest screen. Alsa bus, Flixbus in Europe have these great amenities.

Paradise is life… BORACAY! 2014

So I have to admit, I am listening to the soundtrack from the movie The Beach as I write this. The emotions, new friends and pure bliss I gained from this journey is in away equal to my trip last year to Kho Phi Phi. I gained so much and remembered just how perfect simple life or “island” life can be. Another culture that is happy with what they have and don’t expect more. And adjustments to this lifestyle had to be made. And all that ever mattered was the time you had at the beach and with new friends…

My morning checkout from Iloilo was quick and I headed to the bus terminal to grab my bus ticket and start off to paradise.


The bus was unexpectedly nice. Free wifi, A/C and comfy seats. It was a 5 hour ride to Caticlan where the ferry terminal was located. The seat next to me was open most of he time. A few stops were made along the way and for a quick 20min a women and small nina sat next to me. I slept a little and listened to music the rest of the time. We did make a quick lunch stop at a local spot. I had the batchoy as I knew it was safe for the stomach. I didn’t want to risk it..

The weather was very hot. Equal to 117F when you add in the 92% humidity. We arrived at the ferry port and I lugged all my bags to the crazy ticket counter. One window was for the ferry ticket to Boracay 25P. The second window was for the port fee 75P and the 3rd window was for the enviornmental fee 100P… This was ridiculous, there was one room for all three windows. Why not charge the 200P  and end it???? haha

The boat ran all day. As soon as they were full, they left.. so you never waited. Perfect!





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